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Ep 621 False claims Hidden opportunities - Malcolm Roberts

Ep 621 False claims Hidden opportunities - M Roberts.mp3

Malcolm Roberts joins us to discuss the latest in the Climate Change Agenda worldwide. Together we discuss his report titled: False claims reveal hidden opportunities.

This report is in response to Senator Birmingham’s apparent reliance on false claims by the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology, and is also addressed to Bob Baldwin MP.

This report clarifies with comprehensive yet succinct detail and necessary context to address BOM’s advice to Senator Birmingham by summarizing and presenting seven years’ independent research. In so doing it addresses these key questions. More.

Ep 620 Danger of food additives - Anika Pittard

Ep 620 The danger of food additives - Anika Pittard.mp3

Anika Pittard joins us to share her research into the negative effects of food additives on human health. Together we discuss four categories of additives that are commonly found in processed foods; Antioxidant Additives, Vegetables Gums and Thickeners, Flavor Enhancers, and Artificial Sweeteners.

We document how many of these additives are banned in many countries but continue to poison the people down under in Australia. We look at how Australia is being used as a front runner not only with vaccines, but additives and their toxic effects on human health. More.